Calcination, Milling and Packaging

ARCIRESA usually calcines its productions of Chamotte, Expanded Clay, Light weight Chamotte, Bauxite, Mullite in its two rotary kilns. Our production capacity of calcined products exceeds 100,000 tons / year. The continuous quality controls determine the suitability of the calcined product.

Highlight that we have the most modern and efficient grinding techniques. The grinding is done by impact mills, designed not to add metal iron to the final products. The fine sizes are made with ball mills obtaining finishes less than 50 microns. Hammer mills are used for the grinding of clays and kaolins of low hardness. All production processes are equipped with high intensity electromagnets. There is a total separation of basic and aluminous materials to avoid any possible contamination. Ball mills are also available to obtain 5 micron products.

Bulk materials, in big bag or bagged and palletized are shipped to our customers by ship, container or truck according to the specific needs of the recipient.




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